As we start our bid for school year 2021-2022, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who took a significant role in the successful completion of school year 2020-2021.    It was a tough decision to advance the idea of continuity of learning for our learners without face-to-face interaction.  But because of the support of the education leaders, teachers, parents, local government units, other government agencies, private sector, and the students themselves, we surpassed the challenges of the pandemic which eventually brought us now to the second year of implementation of Distance Learning Delivery Modalities (DLDM).    Reaching this far have shown our adaptability and resiliency on top of the restrictions that adversely deny us the usual way we do things due to COVID-19.


        Considering our substantial success in operationalizing flexible learning options this past school year, the same gives us strong hope to effect learning continuity even better this school year 2021-2022.  Our recent enrolment update, which is nearing one hundred percent as compared to last year’s record, is substantiating this idea.  Continuous adjustments on the part of all players of the educational process will help improve the system and effect the quality of education our learners deserve.


        It is in times of challenges and difficulties that we are compelled to develop our creativity, innovativeness, and search for other appropriate options in the discharge of our individual roles in the community.  Let us all take part in the exploration of new ideas and strategies for the continuity of learning and for finding the true meaning of life.


        We expect more challenges for this school year and the demand for more creative people will be a necessity.  Recent data of COVID-19 is escalating to the point of uncertainty as to when it will end disturbing the world and taking the lives of many people.  As practically all governments are facing enormous challenges and difficulties in defeating this unseen enemy, we need to learn to live with the virus around us.


        While inspired by our hope to find solution to the problems brought about by this pandemic, let us sustain our support to the all the efforts of the government in the implementation of programs that are designed to protect the people and ensure their well-being. Strict observance of health protocols can be so significant as our individual contribution to the government.  Let us not lose hope for the time when this pandemic will just become a history, and from our experience we learn to give greater appreciation to the values of cooperation, support, creativity, adaptability, unity, and love for one another.  Our body is our last line of defense, let us always protect it from all possible modes of virus’ transmission and be individually responsible.

        Keep safe everyone!