WELCOME to the official website of DEPED Naga City, the forum and information dissemination channel of our division. I would like to congratulate the team behind the creation, maintenance and administration of this website, headed by our Information Technology Officer Mr. Cesar Arriola.

A technology tool such as this official website is truly imperative in today’s leadership and management of an organization. One cannot imagine the possibility of handling voluminous data and information that need to be made available and accessed by all in real time in order to make informed decisions and timely adjustments in meeting the challenges of the emerging circumstances as unexpected twist of events occur in achieving organizational goals. With the arrangements of things in the 21st century, an organization such as us can only adapt, or even evolve in order to keep alive and dynamic, or at least useful.

It cannot be argued that in this information age, technology is indispensable. Our life now is unimaginable without the internet and the gadgets. In the classroom, the forms and parameters by which technology assumes and operates in the teaching-learning process are truly varied and diverse. From the planning of a good lesson, to engaging and exciting the students in the learning episodes, to the assessment of its impact in the lives of the learners and the community where they live, are aspects that technology permeates on daily basis. I sincerely hope that this technology, our official website can help improve our delivery of quality education in our schools and efficient service to the public. In realizing our Vision 2020 and Division Change Plan: TRANSFORM NAGA, our official website truly serves an indispensable role as a vehicle and catalyst of change. I hope that everyone in the division and the whole public will maximize the use of our website in order for us to achieve our common goal of becoming better at who we are and in what we do for the future of our youth.

In its Wave 2 covering SY 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 our Division Change Plan’s focus is the Professional in Us, meaning, for the next two years, we will endeavor to become better at our competencies and skills in the varied roles that we do as teachers, school heads, non-teaching personnel and officials. I admonish each one in the division to use our website in every positive opportunity to get informed and involved in our journey to becoming the best versions of the professionals in us. As we sustain the gains of the initial physical transformation of our schools as 21st century learning environments, we start a conscious journey to improve ourselves to better serve our clients.  In confronting our realities and embarking on honest measures to improve our craft, we definitely need a forum for exchange of ideas and best practices so that we will move onwards together and no one is left behind.  I request the team to keep improving the features of our website for it to become even more interactive and versatile with the growing requirements of the times and the demands of our work.



William E. Gando, CESO VI
Schools Division Superintendent