My warmest greetings and expression of congratulations to all students of basic education who will be accorded with certificates of graduation, completion, or moving-up for school year 2021-2022 with the theme, “K to 12 Graduates: Pursuing Dreams and Fostering Resilience in the Face of Adversity”.                                Blessed with facilitating competencies, you have finally triumphed and have proven to have surpassed the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic for two years now.

While some have doubts on the quality of education due to absence of face-to-face learning modality, it cannot be denied that your exposure to other alternative learning modalities have brought you to varied and expanded learning opportunities- with greater and strengthened family-based instructional model. Lost lessons from in-person platform have been leveraged by new experiences under the Distance Learning Delivery Modalities.

Despite the difficulties, still, we need to be thankful and appreciative to our government and the Department of Education for the courage of pursuing the Learning Continuity under flexible learning options even without face-to-face interaction, with few given the opportunity for limited face-to-face classes while we are transitioning to the next normal. Let us also extend our appreciation to our parents, teachers, local government units, and our respective community stakeholders who have selflessly shared their knowledge, skills, and resources in responding to the educational needs of the youth- known to be the hope of our country.

Your graduation, completion, or moving-up is a milestone of many stages of your dreamed successes in life. It is not the end itself but a beginning of new set of challenges that will lead you to vast opportunities for a better life and become true Filipinos who passionately love their country.

We are now in the transition stage which we hoped to be a better normal. Let us sustain our commitment of compliance to the standard health protocols, be ready to face the new world without COVID-19, and appropriately take advantage in utilizing and integrating to our new endeavors all the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and other lessons learned during the most challenging moments of the pandemic period.

For now, I join you in your celebration of success. May the good Lord continuously bless you with His love and protection to overcome all challenges and lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams.