The Naga City Division conducted the 2017 Division Festival of Talents cum STEP Skills Competition for Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP) last December 6-7, 2017 (Wednesday and Thursday) at Don Manuel I. Abella Central School, Cararayan, Naga City, per Division Memorandum No. 298 and 348, s. 2017. This festival was supported by the local government of Naga City.

The activity aims to show pupils performance and products as evidences of their learning in EPP, encourage pupils to strive for excellence, enhance pupil’s level of confidence and competence through friendly competitions, and provide them with opportunities in leadership and cooperative undertaking. Participants to this festival/skills competition are the pupils/contestants from public and private schools, coaches, members of working committees, judges, school heads and supervisors.

The opening program was done in the first day of the 2-day Division Festival of Academic Talents cum STEP Skills Competition for Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP). Before the opening program, the coaches, contestants, and guests registered in the registration forms allotted to them. There was also a meeting conducted and presided by Sir Herman E. Bobis, Ph.D. EPS-1, EPP for some clarifications regarding the administration of events. After this, the presidents of EPP Clubs in different schools gathered to have an election for the Division EPP Club Officers.
The Opening Program started at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon with singing of the Philippine National Anthem conducted by Mrs. Rachel P. Alimorong and an Invocation given by Susana G. Paycana, DMIACS Religion Coordinator. It was followed by the Opening Remarks by Mrs. Teodora S. Palomania, President, Div. EPP Advisers Club. Acknowledgement of Participants was done by Emily Matos, Chairman of the Registration Committee. The Welcome Remarks was given to all the participants by Solomon R. Sales as the host principal and Maria Sheila V. Lagoda, Public Schools District Supervisor. An Intermission Numbers from the selected pupils coming from the host school were presented, the “Maglalatik” and a song. Then, Mariano B. De Guzman, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, gave his Inspirational Message. Another folkdance was performed which was followed by Mrs. Christine A. Leano to introduce the board of judges coming from high school and retirees. An Overview/Contest Guidelines was clearly stated by Dr. Herman E. Bobis. Finally, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Mariano B. De Guzman formally opened the 2017 Division Skills Competition.

After the Opening Program, four events were started to be administered namely; Ironing of School Uniform, Battle of the Brain, Table Skirting with Table Setting, and Project Plan Making. For the Ironing of Clothes and Table Skirting, the contest administrators and coaches agreed to start the contest on the next day for some valid reasons. The Battle of the Brain Contest was started but to be continued on
the next day. Only the Project Plan Making was administered completely on that evening. Then, the pavilion was opened for those who wanted to dance.

On the next day, December 7, 2017, the different events in four components in EPP were contested. In Home Economics, Jocelie Buena was the over-all chairman. Events under this component were Table Skirting with Table Setting, Applique, Ironing of School Uniform, Tie Dye, Mixed Vegetable