In pursuit of the Division Change Plan: TRANSFORM NAGA, Balatas Elementary School crafted projects to cater the school’s ideal vision of progress in terms of curriculum implementation and school governance. One of the best practices of BES is promoting its value to all stakeholders. As strategic way of promotion, the Transform BES Kiosk signature was made wherein it conveys the millennial thinking and learning. The following parts of the Transform BES Kiosk signature signify the: GEARS, as the stimulation of the human brain in adapting to the technology era which help create an accurate, fast, and moving concepts; HEAD, as the human in nature. It shows that in every concept or idea, humanity keeps on top; RAYS, as hope, inspiration, and values being extended to touch and influence others; and magical touch of flying COLORS such as yellow, red, orange, green, blue, white, and black symbolize the success of the different programs and projects being implemented in school from June 2015 to present. (2018 Early Brigada Eskwela Project of Balatas Elementary School; Roxanne P. Batas- School Brigada Eskwela Coordinator; Ma. Lucila B. Aborde- School Head).