Map Reading is one of the many urgent topics that surfaced in the survey made to identify critical contents in AP elementary. The Refresher Course was conducted last June 8, 2018 at the Division Conference room. The main objective was to provide an avenue to review and share on the basics of geography and map reading, particularly in finding exact locations through coordinates. Participants were required to bring world map and ruler.

After the short opening, The first area of discussion was on National Symbols and review of Flag law. It reminded the teachers on officially declared National Symbols against those commonly accepted. Also in time for the National Celebration of Flag Week, various considerations in displaying the Philippine Flag were also reviewed.

Second part of the activity was the discussion of Geography and Map Reading. The following were the topics of lecture-workshop discussed and facilitated by Mr. Junroy Volante of Camarines Sur National High School:
a. History of cartography
b. Importance of Map
c. Different map projections
d. Parts of map and globe
e. Cardinal and secondary directions
f. Finding exact location using coordinates – workshop

It ended with the distribution of certificates at around 5:15

June 8, 2018 Conference Room of DepEd Naga
I. Content (Please a check mark on your answer)

a. Are the topics relevant to your work? 33 Yes ____ No
b. Are the topics adequately covered? 33 Yes ____ No
c. Are the refresher course methodologies appropriate? 33 Yes ____ No
d. Are the topics adequately paced? 33 Yes ____ No

II. Aspects of the Refresher Course
Put a check mark on the corresponding column.
Aspects Excellent Good Fair
1. Objectives 32 1
2. Planning 31 2
3. Program 30 3
4. Speaker Facilitators 31 2
5. Group interaction 31 2
6. Facilities/ Venue 22 11
7. Participants Output 29 4

III. Please write your response on the blanks provided.
1. What are your recommendations to further improve the trainings?

a. More time/ more topics and the color of the power point presentation must be clear or white in background for the young at heart eyes
b. Kindly provide us with clear activity sheets
c. Provide big and comfortable venue
d. More refresher course with free food/snacks
e. Clearer activities
f. More activities on map reading suited in elementary level
g. Room/ venue must be conducive/ add lights/ more cool air
h. Another training workshop
i. Better furnished of the materials/ activity sheets
j. Perfect/ excellent activity

2. In scale of one to five, with five as the highest, how would you rate this refresher course?

5 4 3 2 1
28 5

PS: Only 33 schools were made respondent for this evaluation.